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In order to ensure that we offer the best and most useful experience on our website we use cookies. We notify you about the use of cookies when you visit our webpage for the first time through a pop-up window at the bottom of the page. If you continue to use our webpage we assume you are ok with this and have concurred to it. Useful information about cookies is provided below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information and are being automatically sent to a user’s computer, tablet or mobile phone, every time a webpage is visited. Cookies hold an amount of information concerning the use of our webpage by our visitors but do not specify their identity. Every time our webpage is revisited the browser sends back those cookies to the webpage so it can identify your computer, tablet or mobile phone. We use cookies to improve your experience with our webpage, making your visit more personalized depending on your preferences. Please note that the use of information that might be collected, through the use of cookies, is subject to the Privacy Policy of our company.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use “persistent cookies”. Persistent cookies, also known as permanent cookies are stored on your hard drive and remain there until you turn off the browser or until you delete them. We do not use cookies to elicit information concerning your activity on other web pages or to verify personal data other than those you have willingly provided. These cookies are essential for the smooth function of our website. They allow you to navigate and use the webpage’s services such as access to secure areas or using our system to make a reservation. This specific type of cookies does not recognize your personal identity.

Third-party Cookies

These cookies are installed by our partners on our behalf. These cookies collect data to deliver advertising that is relevant to your interests. This specific type of cookies might be used by our associate partners, as pre-mentioned, in order to conduct statistic surveys or enhance your advertising experience as a visitor.

Performance Cookies

These cookies allow our webpage to remember your options: how you are logged in, your username, language of choice, area etc. These cookies may also be used to let us to know that you have logged in so we can serve you fresh content .The information  collected by these cookies can become anonymous and cannot track your activity on other web pages.

Analysis Cookies

These cookies collect content data about your navigation on our website. We do not link statistics with other individual’s reports .We use these particular cookies in order to keep a record of the number of visitors to our webpage and also note how long they stay before leaving and finally take into account their interaction between different browsers. With these cookies we seek to enhance our webpage. We might use software such as Google Analytics in order to fully understand our visitors. This software is known as “website metrics” or “analytics”. Google Analytics is an online analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google)

Technical Problems Management

This program allows us to track and solve technical problems that might arise during your stay on our webpage.

Advertising/ Targeting Cookies

This type of cookies is used to deliver advertising that is relevant to your interests. These cookies may be used in order to create tailor-made advertisement or summarize statistics of an advertising campaign. These cookies may be used in order to ‘remember’ the web pages you have visited so as to grasp the ones that are to your liking and the ones that are more efficient.

Social Media Cookies

These cookies are used in order to enable integration of social media into our website so that you can immediately like our webpage, a post or share a link. You may continue browsing to our webpage without the use of these cookies.

How to control cookies

It is your option to revoke your consent or reject the use of cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is also your choice to control and or delete cookies.

  • You may change your personal options by properly adjusting the browser to either accept certain types of cookies or reject all cookies
  • You may also delete cookies from your computer, tablet or mobile phone at any given time.
  • You may also set your browser so as to notify you about the use of cookies on the web pages that you visit or you can set your browser to reject cookies

What are your rights?

You have the right to

  • Access your data
  • Correct or delete you data
  • Transfer your data
  • Limit or/and reject processing your data
  • Revoke your consent about the use of cookies and consequently about processing your data

In order to exercise your rights in our company you may file a petition via an e-mail at : .In case you think that the processing of your personal data breaches the law concerning the data protection you may file a report at the Hellenic data protection authority (Kifisias 1-3,Athens 11523, +302106475600 , .if you wish to contact us about the matter of processing your personal data and exercising your rights you may contact our data protection manager via an e-mail at

More Information about General use of Cookies

More information about the use of cookies you can find at the webpage:

Cookie Policy Changes

We reserve the right to amend our cookies policy from time to time. We will post a notice on our Website if there are changes to our Cookie Policy, but you should also check our website periodically to review the current policy. In case a change occurs we will report the exact date and post an update. Our cookie policy was last updated on March 2019 and is still in effect.

This cookie policy was last updated on March 2019