My Blue Cruises: Set sail for a lifetime experience!

Beach Routes

  1. The tour begins at Baxedes beach, from there we enter Caldera, where visitors can directly remark Santorinis’ unique geological miracle.
  2. Next stop is at the beach of Mouzakia. There, our guests get the chance to swim or snorkel at this secluded beach which is only accessible by boat. Moreover at Mouzakia beach, visitors have the ability to experience another geological man-made miracle: the church of Panagia Eptapaidon which has been caved in the rocks.
  3. The cruise continues along the coast, where visitors can witness firsthand the natural unique beauty of Caldera. Steep cliffs and multicolored rocks form a truly unique sight. During the cruise, our guests also have the chance to see the graphic old harbor of Fira.
  4. Next stop is at the famous Volcano – the island of Nea Kameni- which is at the center of the impressive Santorini Caldera. There, our guests can swim or snorkel at the hot springs, which are known for its therapeutic benefits.
  5. Moreover, an optional choice, is a swim or snorkel at the famous red beach of Akrotiri ,one of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Santorini.

Last, but not least, visitors may choose to have lunch or dinner at a traditional restaurant in Thirasia.