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About Us

This website ( is provided by the company “My Blue Cruises” (further on referred to as “our company”) and its terms are strictly associated with its use.

General terms of use

This website ( operates with its sole purpose of booking a cruise with our company. The general terms that are mentioned here regulate all services, as they are described below and are offered to visitors of the website .By booking a tour through our website (, the visitor unreservedly accepts the general terms and conditions of use.

Booking a cruise

Booking a cruise through our website ( is attainable only when there is availability at the desired date. The reservation is considered successful only after the amount of money that has been set as a downpayment is deposited in the bank account of our company.

Cruise confirmation

The confirmation of the cruise by the visitor is essential, so as possible mistakes in dates, destination, boats etc is avoided. In a case of a change, the visitor must contact us either by mail or telephone or in any other way so as to notify us accordingly. In case the visitor breaches the general terms of use of our company, we have the right to not go through with his/her reservation. The visitor is obliged to check the validity of his/her particulars submitted during the cruise reservation so as possible mistakes can be avoided. In no case, can we guarantee that the correction of wrong particulars is attainable without a cost even if we have been notified promptly. The cost of the cruise will be announced to our visitors through an e-mail or telephone, after they have contacted us.

Methods of payment

In order to book a cruise a sum of money, the downpayment, is required. The downpayment can be paid either by a credit card or by directly depositing money in our company’s bank account. Our company guarantees that the data used to process credit cards will be used only once in a secure environment.

Changing, amending a booking and refunds.

Changing or amending a booking is possible only after contacting our company through an e-mail or telephone and only if the desired alteration is doable. The cost that may result from altering a booking is to be covered, solely, by the visitor. If the cruise is cancelled 30 days prior to the agreed date a full refund is issued. If the cruise is cancelled in less than 30 days prior to the agreed date the company withholds the deposit. The deposit or the cost of the cruise is fully refunded only in cases of extreme weather conditions that detain the boat from exiting the harbor. If the visitor fails to show up at the agreed time and date of the cruise or shows up unreasonably late then our company has the right to cancel the cruise or perform a different one with another visitor.

Exclusion of liability

It is mutually accepted and understood that all information, data, texts, graphics, photographs, pictures, videos, messages and the entire context that is being uploaded by our company remains in the sole responsibility of the natural or legal person, from whom the context derives. Under no circumstances can the company be held responsible for any mistake, omission, and negligence in any context or for whatever damage or harm that may occur from the use of the context that is being uploaded, sent or made available by users. Occasionally this information may change. Our company has the right to alter or improve this website, whenever necessary. Our company has no responsibility and will not compensate any delay, cancellation, annulment caused by public strike or any other force majeure. Additionally, our company is not to be held responsible and will not compensate any loss of personal items. Moreover, the company has no responsibility to compensate visitors for additional expenses, omissions, delays or acts caused by public or any other authorities.

User’s liability

The use of the webpage must have solely legal purposes and must be performed in legal ways so as not to restrict or prevent its use from third parties. The user must use our webpage according to the law, the ethics and the terms of the site .Moreover the user must not proceed in actions that may cause a malfunction to our webpage, affect or compromise the services of our company. By using our webpage, the user guarantees that he/she is at least 18 years old and fulfills his/her legal uses. The user, also, pledges for the liability of his/her personal data. Any reservation that may be booked through our website for profit-driven or deceptive purposes or leads to deception or to an increase in demand is strictly prohibited. Booking a cruise through our website is only allowed to be made under the name of the visitor that wishes to travel with us. Each visitor is obliged to submit his/her personal data truthfully during the reservation. Should a mistake is made our company holds no responsibility.

Limitation of Liability

Except the mentioned exclusions –the intellectual property of third parties, affiliates and agents- the content of our webpage, including videos, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts and all files included in this webpage are the intellectual property, trademark and brand name of our company that have been submitted to the Greek Ministry of Trade and Consumer Protection and are protected by Greek, European and International law and treaties. Therefore, none of the above, can be sold, copied, altered, republished, replicated, be uploaded, broadcasted or distributed in any way.

Visitor Services

Our company provides support to our visitors through an e-mail or telephone. For any information, inquiry or clarification that may arise concerning our company and the services we provide please contact us at: +306948500139, +306940988947 or e-mail us at

Last Update on the Terms of Use: March 2019